Martti Lahikainen is a trained masseur


040 067 4083
[email protected]


A trained masseur is a health care professional. He can be found in the register of the Health and Social Care Licensing and Supervision Agency (Valvira) as a protected health care professional. The social and health departments of the regional government agencies monitor the appropriateness of the activities of trained masseurs.

A trained masseur has statutory patient safety insurance.


  • A trained masseur will only use researched and generally accepted methods.
  • Massage triggers muscle tension, stimulates blood circulation, reduces swelling, increases joint mobility and relieves pain.
  • Massage relaxes both physically and mentally.
  • Massage refreshes and reduces stress.
  • A trained masseur has the professionalism and time to listen, examine, and treat you.


  • 40 minutes € 40
  • 60 minutes € 50
  • 90 minutes € 70

Valtakatu 30 B, second floor